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Given the growing demand, the need for constant development and the search of new challenges, Allkey International has expanded its borders to bring its wide range of products to a greater number of customers.

It has been possible to achieve this goal thanks to the preference of our customers and distributors, who have found multiple benefits in our products and services.

For 20 years, Mexico has been the headquarters of Allkey International in the Americas and thanks to its strategic location, we have had the opportunity to present and promote Allkey's proposals in North America and Latin America.

None of this would be possible without your preference, at Allkey Mexico we continue to overcome challenges to meet your expectations and remain your number one provider of ESD and cleanroom products.

Thank you! 


Allkey Internacional Mexico is committed to provide competitive products and services that exceed the quality and price standards of our customers.


To develop, innovate and provide products and services with added value that constantly exceed the requirements of our customers, at a competitive price. Without neglecting the respect and fair treatment towards the collaborators and suppliers of the company.


Work hard in continuous improvement to be a leading manufacturer/marketer of antistatic and cleanroom products, and thus stay in the taste and preference of our customers.

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